Monday, 5 March 2018

Ringsfield Hall Group 1 2018

Day 4
The sun is shining and we're all set for a day at the beach ....

Day 3
The sun is shining and group 1 are out and about in the grounds...

Day 2
The day has started well and the winners of the Best Kept Room are out feeding the animals.....

Then it's time for activities in the grounds

Time for some den building ...... That looks a bit big girls!

Now that's what we call a den ......

Time for some detective work in the grounds

 A beautiful walk across the fields to Ringsfield School in the spring sunshine..

Day 1

After a smooth journey Group 1 have arrived safe and sound. They made a lunch stop in
Bury St Edmunds.

More photos to come as soon as the Wi Fi permits.

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