Monday, 22 May 2017

Knapp House 2017

Day 4

The sun in certainly shining in Devon - just look at that cloudless sky!

Mrs Rigby getting wet!

And Miss Slingsby dives in to save her!

That's not in the risk assessment Mrs Nosworthy!

Staff selfie !!

Then it was time for a quick nap .........

Before getting ready for the disco!

Finally peace and quiet!

Day 3

The sun is shining again...... Well in the afternoon anyway! Not that it appears to have dampened anybody's spirits.

Although Denise and Miss Weir look a little tired ........

Day 2

The sun isn't shining but the outfits are looking gorgeous....

Day 1

The weather has certainly chosen the right moment to warm up! Year 6 arrived safe and sound at Knapp House and not a moment was wasted before activities began.....

And that was all before tea! There's more excitement planned for this evening - watch this space.....

And after tea - time for more activities...