Monday, 29 February 2016

5R Ringsfield Hall 2016

Day 5
A special message to 3R from Mrs Ristic who is looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon. Just time for a final visit to the animals before we set off for home.

Day 4
Dunwich looks lovely - we wish we were there too! Then it was back to base for some bread making round the fire.

Great sleep - this could be a Ringsfield record! A few have already been off finding their magic spots and now busy setting up for breakfast. Off to Dunwich today and it looks like it is going to be dry, fingers crossed no more mud today!

Reaping the rewards of a tidy room.

Day 3

Look some new arrivals!

The fun never stops! Gardening and getting the next key has kept us fully entertained this afternoon. We have just finished adventure time and are setting up for dinner. 

A bit of sleet made for great fun on the way home! All back now and ready to get our next key. 

The children were very welcoming and gave us a lovely tour around their school. 

Had a great time on the walk to and from Ringsfield School. An abundance of muddy puddles to play in. Despite the ominous clouds it was dry on the way there...

A great night's sleep again, this country air is wonderful. Dry at moment but rain predicted. Off to Ringsfield school later so looking forward to talking to humans as so used to just talking to animals! 

Yes that is mud!

Day 2

Mrs Ristic and Mrs Rigby have sent through the next pictures from Ringsfield. The children had a great night, lots of sleep and are very happy campers this morning. Amazingly they are all so hungry again - Light rain but staying optimistic. 

As the day drew on the rain set in ..... but it didn't dampen their spirits at Ringsfield.

The excitement of getting their very first key was not dampened by the rain...

Meet Piggles the pig!

The animals don't mind the rain! 

Day 1
5R have arrived safe and sound at Ringsfield Hall and the sun is shining!
Follow their travels on the blog - wifi connection permitting pictures will be uploaded each day.

They're having fun in the grounds already .....