Monday, 18 May 2015

Knapp House 2015

Knapp House 2015

The annual journey to Knapp House is underway. The journey was rather wet and windy but the rain managed to hold off whilst they were unloading the coaches.

There is a small glimmer of hope that the weather may pick up as as a pocket of blue sky has been spotted over the Devon coast! 

Fingers crossed!

Watch this space for pictures which will be uploaded each evening. 

Day 1  

As soon as they arrived it was straight out to activities and time for some climbing......

Check out that blue sky!

Then this evening time for some karting - hold on as you go around those corners.

Meanwhile time for some balancing .....

Then it's time for bed. More pics as they come in .

Day 2
Another lovely day in sunny Devon!

The children have been busy crabbing, coastal walking, tree hoisting and lots more.

Day 3 

Another lovely day in Devon ......

Looks like a beautiful day in the sun.....

More pics tomorrow. 

Day 4

Time for some crate stacking ...

And then the disco....

Day 5

Everyone is pretty tired after the disc but there is still time for one more activity before boarding the coach home!

Then all that remained was the long journey home!