Monday, 16 March 2015

5C Ringsfield Hall 2015

5C Ringsfield Hall 2015

Day 1 - Monday

5C set off on a damp and grey day - however their spirits were not in any way dampened by the weather!

The lunch stop in Bury was grey but everyone got a chance to stretch their legs.

Once they arrived at Ringsfield it was straight out in the grounds to get their name badges - and have a drink and a biscuit of course.

Day 2 - Tuesday

After a good nights sleep it's time to go and collect eggs for breakfast!

Or a game of cards - Then breakfast....

Next off to the grounds for Earthkeeping

And more animals!

Then it's time for some den building ......

Three helpings of soup for lunch ......

Then time for fire building and smore making ....

and some mud .....

and a magic spot

and there's always time for some animals...

Apparently these trainers also come in white!

Now it's time to write letters home

Before getting an early night.......

Day 3 Wednesday

It was an early start before going out in the grounds to find a magic spot

Very peaceful Mr Bonner!

The best kept and best slept rooms feed the animals

A lovely sunny day at Ringsfield Hall

Then time for the walk to Ringsfield School

Then time to share our Chiswick projects with the children from Ringsfield School

and of course Ringsfield Mud

Then time for the Talent Show

Day 4 - Thursday

It's off to the beach at Dunwich today.... and it looks like a chilly day out. But not for Mr Bonner - he was well wrapped up in those stones!


And some chips of course

Then a cliff walk

And the museum

Before back to Ringsfield for some animals and a bit more mud!!!

Hmm - that's not going to come out with one wash!

Time for the last supper ....

and packing to come home

Then the campfire - complete with songs thanks to Mr Bonner's guitar.

Then back in the warm for a bedtime story....

Day 5 - Friday

Just time for some more egg collecting before the long journey home..

Even Sebasitan the peacock is saying goodbye