Monday, 19 May 2014

Knapp House 2014

Day 5 - Friday 

 Just time for a few more activities before we go home......

Day 4 - Thursday

!Happy Birthday Miss Coulton!

The day started with a birthday gift for Miss Coulton from the Knapp House Team. A traditional birthday pastie!

Followed later that evening by a more enjoyable celebration ....


After that it was time to get on with the day - On today's menu was Tree Hoisting, Ringoing, Climbing and Canoeing. Check out the ringo video of Mr Dienn!

All that remains is the disco ......


Day 3 - Wednesday

The sun is out! Hooray!

Time for the evening's activities - Somebody's ready for bed already!

Pedal carting tonight ...........

Keep your hands on the wheel!!!

Fingers crossed that the sunshine lasts for tomorrow!

Day 2 - Tuesday  

The day started with an early football match then it was off for the days activities. Today we have Ringo Riding and Crabbing.

Next for some low ropes

Phew - that looks like hard work!

Next Climbing 

Hold tight!

Still the evening activity to go!

Day 1 - Monday

After a slow start the coaches set off in glorious sunshine for North Devon. We expect them to arrive at Knapp House at approx 1pm. Check back this evening when the first pictures are should be coming through - Wi Fi permitting! We will endeavour to get pictures of all groups doing activities but some activities lend themselves more easily to photos. Fingers crossed Mr Dienn doesn't drop his phone in the pool again this year!

1:50 pm - The eagle has landed! Year 6 have arrived safe and sound at Knapp House and are busy unpacking their bags to hurry off to their first activity. 

3:20 - it looks a little chilly ....,.

Time for surfing......

Then it's time for tea and some cake - Happy Birthday !

Before it's off to beach walking

Meanwhile back at Knapp House .....