Monday, 24 March 2014

5C Ringsfield '14

Day 5 - Friday
Time for last goodbyes before getting on the coach

Time for lunch and then a nice nap!

Day 4 - Thursday
Out and about at 7am - 5C are early risers!

Then it's off to the museum and the beach....

It's a bit chilly and damp so inside for the chips!

Then to the beach.... 

It looks rather wet ......
Back to the house for more mud

Teamwork saves the day!

Fingers crossed for the bonfire 

Time for the last supper

Loving the cream lipstick!

Perfect kit for the night walk

Day 3 - Wednesday
The day started not quite as early as yesterday and soon children were out in the grounds making dens, learning how to build fires and making smoorz ...  

What have you spotted there?

Next Finding connections in the earth


It looks a little chilly but it's not stopping them!
Next for some mud............

Day 2 - Tuesday
Everyone was up bright and early - Dan woke Miss Coggins at 5am! Time for breakfast before the day starts ... 

Now it's time to feed the other animals!

Then it's time to set off across the fields for Ringsfield School.

Day 1 - Monday
5C got off to a great start this morning with bright sunshine taking the chill out if the air.
The first stop of the week is for lunch in Bury St Edmunds 

Then it's back in the bus for the rest of the journey to Ringsfield 

And they gave arrived ! Miss Coggins has sent pics of the group having their first meal - afternoon tea!

And it's out in the grounds already!