Sunday, 17 March 2013

5C Ringsfield Hall

The forecast is for more snow so please make sure you pack enough layers - 3 layers was the average for 5A last week! If you have thermals pack them or if not tights and leggings to put under joggers is best at keeping the cold out!

Day 1

Watch this space for pictures and comments which will be uploaded as soon as we get them.

After a slight delay the coach set off at 10:30 am - more news as soon as we get it!

1:45pm - It's sunny in Bury St Edmunds and lunch looks lovely


3:30 pm They have arrived at Ringsfield after a couple of delays due to traffic.
5:00 pm Out and about in the grounds - lots of mud - Miss Coggins says that they are all muddy already! The pictures speak for themselves!


Day 2

Still very cold but there are still lots of activities to be done.

Mr Allkins look particularly chilly!

Daniel enjoying a Ringsfield Mud Bath!

Next it's time for the long walk across the fields to Ringsfield School. Watch this space for more pics this evening.

Miss Coggins is struggling to get Internet connection so no pictures yet - however they are having a great time with lots of mud. Look forward to all that washing!

The children had a great visit to Ringsfield school and really enjoyed sharing their projects.

9pm and they are all tucked up in bed exhausted from their day in the fresh air

Day 3

The pictures have arrived!

The weather is cold but its still fun at Ringsfield Hall

Day 4

Still cold but we are not put off

At the beach ....

9:05 All fast asleep just time to send done pictures through

Day 5

10:45am - they have just left eta 3:00pm
Final pics