Monday, 20 May 2013

Knapp House 2013

Day 1 - Monday 20th May 2013

7:40 - Time to start loading the coach

7:50 - Time to leave and the coach pulls away loaded with happy children ready for Knapp House.

1:30 - We have just heard that Year 6 arrived at Knapp House safe and sound. The weather is dry and the children are already getting changed for their first activity. More news as the week progresses here  -  although mobile coverage is notoriously poor in this part of North Devon so photo coverage may be patchy!

2:30pm :And  before you know it the children were doing their activities

 Crate stacking

Hold on tight

Ringo riding

So being hoisted up trees and pulled along behind boats is the order of the day for two groups . Time for tea next then off again for the evening activity. 

7:00pm- Time for the evening entertainment - karting Knapp Hpuse style . 

Daniel cheering his team on


Take that corner carefully Brendan!


Glad to see your wearing your safety helmet Anna

Djlander looks nervous

The sun must be shining brightly in Devon!

Jake looking forward to his turn

Alf with his race face on

Both hands please Precious!

10:00pm All quiet - time to get some sleep before tomorrow

11:00pm - No really - time to go to sleep now!

Day 2

7:00 am Everybody's up!

8:00 am After a cooked breakfast it's time for more activities.

9:00 am No pics of surfing or ringoing this morning - it's too wet

12:00 pm Some pics from Mrs Jones from last night's carting

Eliona relaxing between rounds

Love the onsie's girls!

Zac smiling - again!

Matching outfits !

Careful on the corners!

Joe waiting his turn


Charles taking a quiet moment

The teachers room could do with a tidy!

Clearly onsies are the outfit of the trip!

Charlotte and Anais

2:15 pm Miss Taylors group try their hand at crate stacking

Careful guys!

The wrong way Joe!

Just hanging around .....

Great teamwork

Make sure it's on tight

You can do it Super Amelie!

Day 3

Slight technical hitch with pics as  Mr Dienn dropped his camera in the pool while doing canoe drill yesterday!

Waiting for some pics from Miss Taylor this pm.

News is good children all having fun - not much sleeping going on so expect exhaustion on Friday .

Weather is decent - not much need for the suncream yet!

Pics have arrived - some from last night and some from today - enjoy!

Phew another busy day - They should sleep well tonight ...........

No time for sleep yet - it's low rope night!

Check out the teamwork here! 

Hold on tight!

Don't touch the ground!

Not that low!

What skill !

Miss Coulton has spent the last hour sitting in a hut (on her birthday!) uploading pics from Mrs Jones group and thanks to abysmal rural wi fi she has only managed to get 2 sent - we'll have to wait until they come home!

Now surely it's time for bed......

Day 4
An early start with a fire alarm at 6:45am - Thankfully a false alarm

The off to canoe drill and climbing

No pictures been sent for a while - obviously all too busy getting ready for the disco and carefully packing all their clothes neatly folded of course !
Day 5
They made it home ! Eventually after the small matter of a broken down coach and heavy traffic
Hope you enjoyed the blog - watch out for more pictures on the website - once Mr Dienn's phone has dried out!